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Eco-Rides USA

Eco-Rides USA Your Favorite Eco-Friendly, GREEN and FREE Shuttle Service

Eco-Rides USA is revolutionizing urban transportation! There is not a better way to travel in Cherry Creek. Eco-Rides USA is FREE and convenient! This is perfect for weekend trips to restaurants, bars, parties, shopping, your appointments, business men and women on the way to or from work, or anywhere you need to go in the Cherry Creek Community. It is both a stylish way to travel and trendy, since is the newest way to travel. Don’t worry about parking, congestion, road closures, or drinking and driving; just flag down an Eco-Rides USA cart or download our app and request a ride. You will have a great sense of relief and comfort using the energy efficient, Eco-Friendly, “GREEN” Eco-Rides USA. 
Each cart is 100% street legal and road certified and complete with the following: 



  • Seating for 6 - Driver + 5 Passengers
  • All Bucket Seats and Adjustable
  • Legroom 43 inches for all walks of life
  • 3 Point Safety Belts
  • LED Brake lights and signals
  • Automotive safety glass
  • Regenerative braking
  • Automotive style suspension


  • Halogen Headlights
  • Durable non-slip flooring for all the great weather in Colorado
  • Lighting, Audio, Stereo, heat and air, interior and exterior lighting for a fun atmosphere, monitor in each headrest, and GPS device tracking track trips and emissions and to create a carbon footprint
  • Windshield wipers
  • 4 Digital Advertising Displays
  • 1 Driver display
  • 12.4KW Lithium batteries to extend our daily driving miles by 30 miles per day and a fast charging option
  • 3 Security cameras, 2 exterior for extra eyes on the community and 1 interior for safety and security inside the cart