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Eco-Rides USA - 100% Eco-Friendly, 100% FREE Shuttle Service

Eco Rides USA is a First Class and Free Public Transportation (FPT) service company that has been designed to operate and provide personal complimentary rides throughout our designated service areas.  Our Electric Vehicles have been specialized to safely and efficiently move people from point A to point B, and to create and expand on the current carbon footprint in these communities.  Communities where mobility has become increasingly unavailable, inconvenient and stressful.  Our service areas are established in designated areas that demonstrate the need for mobility and are in high traffic downtown districts, prime outdoor neighborhood shopping, dining and small business centers, small communities where public transportation is limited, and for any special events within these communities.

Eco Ride USA carts are extremely efficient because we use Lithium ION 12.4kw batteries that have zero emissions, therefore providing the community and city with a 100% Eco-friendly personal transportation service free for anyone to use.  Our company slogan “ECO Where You Go” or "100% Eco 100% Free", represents our core values as a sustainable and economically established public services, to the people and for the people that ECO Where They GO in the community.

Eco Rides USA business model is unique and creative in that all funds for our FREE ride services are generated through partnerships, sponsorships, and or advertising locally and nationally. Our partners are now able to create unique advertising campaigns to present and display products and services throughout our designated service area through Eco-Rides USA. By combining multi-platform marketing and branding with our free ride program within these communities, we can influence on the go consumers and provide maximum exposure in hard to reach areas.

Eco-Rides USA vehicle’s all have a modern stylish design and high-quality safety features to provide for a comfortable and safe commute.  Our target customers are everyone in the community, everyone enjoying the community, everyone doing business in the community, and especially everyone needing a Free Ride to someplace in the community service area.

Eco-Rides USA is the new and revolutionary transportation service that provides a clean, safe and fun way to move people the right way from point A to point B in the community, and truly is "100% ECO and 100% FREE”.